We are more than happy to try to accommodate your very specific design solution requirements by custom designing something uniquely special for you…CONTACT US HERE


…if a specific colour, form, design, material, or subject – or a mix of all these – is desired, we will endevour to bring something new, unique to the table that surpasses all expectations as this is the benchmark we set ourselves.


…often all is needed is a site photo from you of your space with your your requirements/needs/preferences and we will send through to you some design options for you to consider – no obligation whatsoever.


..if there is a specific flora-form you wish to be captured in a certain way for a specific purpose, please contact us here – you may have a favorite flower you want given the special up-close-and-personal treatment that Brett’s searching eye can provide.


…what we can also promise is something unique that only you and you alone will own….so products completely exclusive + copyrighted to you.


Contact us today for a no obligation consultation regarding our products and how we can provide effective and desirable options to any design solutions you may require including custom designing something uniquely special for you….CONTACT US HERE

…Invite more than a little luxury, colour, flamboyance, imagination and wonder into your life and let it wash over and intoxicate you before you even know you’ve been seduced……go on, dare yourself!

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