Enter into an alluring seductive world behind the searching and examining lens of Professional Art Photographer Brett Fleming.


Now exclusively offered to you in the form of stunning large-format Modernist Wall Prints to grace and enhance your living space.


With an incredible eye for beautiful organic detail and natural design, he brings his distinctive vision and the electric raw natural colour, and curious surreal form of the flora world into sharp focus, rendered without compromise on large format high quality Canvas and Photographic prints.

Serena from Sydney:

“…What can we say….we have 3 of Brett’s massive prints in our open-plan home (almost nothing else) and they almost glow with colour adding a surreal yet serene atmosphere to our living space – just beautiful focal points for all to admire…”


Paul from Queenstown:

“…we have a professional studio with a Minimalist approach and Brett’s amazing images breaks those teak and ivory accents with bold blocks of colour yet soft painterly and curious forms that “pop” off the wall and just make you look at them, drift to another place, and smile – thank you so much.”

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