These prints are the sole exclusive property of the Brett Fleming Stable and are the result of Brett’s lifelong obsession with Colour, Organic form, Modernist Art, and a decade-long single-minded, unique and passionate approach to bringing something new to the table and ones living space armed with only a camera, macro lens, the Natural world, and his extremely focused enlightening vision!



These prints are being sold exclusively on Brett’s dedicated website and through the New Zealand online auction forum trademe (www.trademe.co.nz) to ensure the highest degree of exclusivity we can for this beautiful body of work.
…Trademe is also a forum where Brett has been selling his vast collection of pedigree Mid-century free-form glass to avid glass-collectors for nearly 8 years…..TO SEE TRADEME AUCTIONS CLICK HERE
**note: to bid on one of Brett’s auctions on trademe you must be within Australasia, become a trademe member and set up an account….SEE HERE



We grantee quality, transparency, and attention to detail throughout the entire seller customer process, from all correspondence through to decision making and delivery to ensure your purchase and experience with us is one to cherish and repeat.
…in the event that any of these promises may in the unlikelihood be compromised in your eyes, please do not hesitate to reach us for correspondence here and we will endevour to address those concerns if required and able.



We stand by our products and service 100%!

…Invite more than a little luxury, colour, flamboyance, imagination and wonder into your life and let it wash over and intoxicate you before you even know you’ve been seduced……go on, dare yourself!

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